Unknown ☥ Egypt

Embarking on a profound and spiritually awakening journey, tailored for the enlightened souls who have traversed Egypt’s sacred grounds before, we invite you to venture beyond the well-trodden paths. Join us as we explore the hidden gems of the ancient world, the hidden treasures that whisper their stories to those with open hearts and discerning spirits.
Day 1:
Arrival in Cairo, Egypt
Upon arrival, our representative will meet and assist you. Transfer by AC private car to Giza’s historic Mena House, a palatial five-star hotel set amidst 40 acres of magnificent gardens, with breath-taking views of the adjacent Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops).
Overnight at the 5-star Marriott Mena House hotel in Pyramid View rooms for the next two nights.
day 1
day 2
Day 2:
Giza Plateau & Saqqara – Connecting with Ancient Energies
After a peaceful breakfast on the terrace of Mena House, overlooking the majestic Giza Plateau, we will embark on a journey along the path of the Ancients. Walking in the shadows of the three Giza pyramids, Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure, we will delve into Egyptology lectures to deepen our understanding of the spiritual significance behind these ancient wonders. Step into the belly of the Khafre pyramid and contemplate the mysteries it holds, then encounter the enigmatic Great Sphinx. Later, we will have a soul-nourishing lunch at the Blue Lotus Guesthouse, known for its homemade cuisine and tranquil surroundings, where we can connect with the natural beauty of lotus flowers. In the afternoon, we will take a leisurely stroll alongside the fields of Saqqara, where the black and red lands of ancient Egypt converge. The extraordinary necropolis at Saqqara will captivate our spirits as we explore the underground galleries of the Serapeum and immerse ourselves in the heart of the recently opened Step Pyramid of Djoser. In the evening, we will return to Mena House for a leisurely dinner and a chance to reflect on our spiritual journey.
Day 3:
Exploring Alexandria – Embracing Serenity by the Sea
After breakfast, we will bid farewell to Mena House and the Giza Plateau, embarking on a 200-kilometer drive to Alexandria. Our first stop will be the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, ancient Roman burial chambers built in the 2nd century AD. We will then visit the rest of Serapeum’s temple and marvel at Pompey’s Pillar. A delightful lunch at the Greek club will invigorate our spirits before we embark on a small boat to explore the serene waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening, we will immerse ourselves in the ambiance of Alexandria during a leisurely walk, allowing the city’s spiritual energy to infuse our souls.
Day 3
Day 4
Day 4:
Return to Cairo after continuing to explore Alexandria
After breakfast, we will check out and visit the Citadel of Qaitbay, a defensive fortress located on the Mediterranean Sea. Built in 1480, this fortress offers a unique opportunity to connect with the historical energies of Alexandria. Our next stop will be the royal jewelry Museum, where the exquisite artifacts will inspire a deep sense of awe. In the afternoon, we will travel back to Cairo and check into Four Seasons First Residence, allowing ourselves time to integrate the spiritual experiences of Alexandria.
Day 5:
Spirit of Cairo – Unveiling the Essence of Ancient Egypt
After a delicious breakfast, we will embark on a spiritual journey through Cairo. Our first stop will be the Egyptian Museum, where the ancient artifacts will transport us to a different era. We will have the opportunity to witness the wonders of ancient Egypt and feel the spiritual vibrations emanating from these sacred objects. Following this, we will visit Islamic Cairo, exploring its ancient mosques and immersing ourselves in the tranquility of this spiritual hub. For lunch, we will savor the local flavors at a traditional restaurant in Khan El Khalili Bazaar, surrounded by the bustling energy of Cairo’s vibrant markets. In the evening, we will have time for personal reflection and integration of our spiritual experiences.
Day 5
Day 6
Day 6:
Embracing Ancient Mysteries
Begin your day with a nourishing breakfast, before embarking on a 4-hour journey to the enigmatic city of El Minya. Our first stop will be at Beni Hassan, where you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient tomb of Bakhet III, Governor of the Oryx Nome, as well as the remarkable tombs of Khnumhotep and Khety. From there, we will continue to Tuna El Gabal, where you can discover the sacred tombs of Petosiris and Isidora, along with the fascinating Ibis catacombs. After this enlightening experience, we will head to El Minya to check into our spiritual retreat hotel.
Day 7:
Following the Path of Akhenaton
Awake to a new day of spiritual exploration, as we venture to Tel El Amarna after breakfast. This site holds the remnants and tombs of Akhetaton, also known as the “Horizon of Aton”. Dive deep into the spiritual significance of this ancient city as you immerse yourself in its history and symbolism. In the afternoon, we will enjoy a fulfilling lunch at a guesthouse before returning to our hotel in El Minya. Later, in the evening, prepare for a serene felucca ride along the Nile, followed by a gentle city tour, where the spiritual energy of the surroundings will envelop you.
Day 7
Day 8:
Unveiling Hidden Treasures
After a refreshing breakfast, we will cross the Nile from Samalut to visit Gabal Al Tayr. This sacred location holds great spiritual significance, as it is believed to be a place where the Holy Family sought refuge during their journey. Experience the tranquility and connect with the ancient energy that still resides in this sacred site, which takes its name from the migratory birds that find solace on its peak. In the later part of the day, we will return to Cairo and check into the serene Le Meridien Airport Hotel, where you can prepare for your journey back home, carrying with you the spiritual insights and experiences gained from this unique itinerary.
Day 9:
Guided by the Divine
On this final day, our representative will accompany you to the airport at the appropriate time for your departure. As you fly back home, take with you the profound spiritual encounters and memories of this enlightening journey. We hope that the sacred sites and hidden wonders you discovered have enriched your soul and deepened your spiritual connection. Wishing you safe travels and a continued spiritual journey in life.
day 9
Package including the following:

•   8 nights/9 days Accommodations:

     –   2 nights accommodation on on Bed and Breakfast basis at Marriot Mena House with a pyramid view

     –   1 night accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis at historical hotel. in Alexandria

     –   1 night accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis at Four season Nile Plaza

     –   1 night accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis at le Meriden Cairo Airport

     –   2 nights’ accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis at Grand Aton Hotel & Resort

•   Transfer

     –   Private individual transfers during the entire journey with Van 2022 starts with private transfer from Cairo Airport to Marriot Mena house hotel and it ends with the last transfer from Le Meridien airport to Cairo Airport

•   Meet & Greet at Cairo Airport

•   Entry visa fee upon arrival to Egypt

•   Meals: 7 Breakfasts, 5 Dinners and 6 Lunches including

•   Single entrance tickets to the sites as per itinerary

•   Unlimited bottled water during the entire Tour.

•   English speaking guide and his accommodation.

•   English speaking transfer man.

•   Tourism police permission.

The above package excludes:

•   International flights to and from Egypt

•   Additional or optional tours or entrance fees not specifically mentioned above.

•   Meals and snacks outside of the mention meals meals.

•   Any additional beverages ordered during meals beyond the beverage buffet available at breakfast and the bottled water on the bus.

•   Personal expenses (i.e. room service, laundry, extra nights, spa treatments, etc.)

•   Trip cancellation and medical insurance.

•   PCR testing

•   Medical-related procedures and protocols needed to travel in or out of Egypt.

•   Any item not mentioned in the Custom Tour Package