Soul Remembrance VI

hosted by
AnnaLynne McCord
Welcome to a transformative odyssey guided by AnnaLynne McCord, where the ancient energy of Cairo, Egypt, becomes the sacred canvas for a profound exploration of spirituality and self-discovery. Each day unfolds as a spiritual chapter, weaving together the threads of history, culture, and divine encounters. Join us as we traverse the mystical landscapes, from the Red and White Pyramids to the hallowed grounds of Abydos, Dendera, and Luxor, awakening the soul to the timeless wisdom of Egypt. This eight-day pilgrimage is an immersive experience designed to nourish your spirit, leaving you with cherished memories and a deeper connection to the Divine.
Invitation from AnnaLynne
Is your heart calling you home? Is your Soul awakening to a remembrance of energies and vibrational expressions you, perhaps, don’t fully understand? Are you aware of your Divine Destiny and are seeking a deepening beyond your wildest imagination? Are a seeker, a wanderlust adventure, a traveler upon this plane and other? There is a reason that you were drawn to this pilgrimage. It is not a mistake that you are reading these words. You are here because you were always going to reach this moment. You soul has been whispering, and you are listening. Perhaps, you’re only meant to read this invite. Perhaps, you’re meant to join me on this journey. Perhaps, this is the Path, but the time has not yet come. Whatever the case, simply by ingesting these words and opening your curiosity, you’ve embarked upon an awakening that will further reveal itself in time, and I assure you, it is most Divine.
My commitment to you is that I will facilitate only that which is honoring of your Highest Possible Good. I will walk every step of this trip’s path with you, and where I do not walk, I will be holding space because these moments will unveil themselves as the crucial times where you tapped fully into your Divine Potential, your Inner Teacher, your Heart-led Healer Self. I will only be hand-off when it’s time for you to be completely hands-on standing in your sovereignty.
If you haven’t a clue what most of my words actually mean, wonderful. You are the bravest of us all! My intention for hosting this retreat is incredibly selfish. That’s right, I said it. It’s selfish. I am deeply aware that this journey will so profoundly enrich your life that you will return home with an energy that makes our planet and infinitely better place, simply because you chose to come to Earth. So, it’s selfish! I want the highest potential for our beautiful world, and you, your courage, your willingness, your heart, your truth, your curiosity are helping me do it. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, I appreciate you, and I cannot wait to see what this pilgrimage has in store…
Most Sincerely,
AnnaLynne McCord
Day 1:
Arrival in Cairo, Egypt 28/06/2024
Feel the sacred embrace of Cairo’s ancient energy as you set foot on its hallowed soil. Allow the rich tapestry of history and culture to envelop you as you transfer to a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation. Prepare yourself for the enlightening journey ahead. In the afternoon, witness the cosmic duality embodied by the Red and White Pyramids. Return to your hotel for an intuition dinner on the rooftop, immersing yourself in flavors that awaken your senses.
Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids
Meal’s plan: Breakfast and Dinner included
Rest assured that your accommodation at Steigenberger for 27/6/2024 has been fully paid, with a room reserved for your arrival.
Day 2:
Giza Pyramids 29/06/2024
Begin your day by welcoming the dawn at the Sphinx, as the sun rises and bathes the ancient monument in golden light. Immerse yourself in its timeless presence, forging a deep connection with the wisdom it holds. Discover the awe-inspiring pyramids, their majestic splendor captivating your senses. Allow yourself to be nourished spiritually by their enchanting allure. As you conclude your journey, take the transformative energy gained from this profound experience back to your hotel, carrying it within you.
Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Day 3:
Cairo – Abydos 30/06/2024
Embark on a sacred pilgrimage to Abydos, the most ancient pilgrimage site on Earth. Drive for 7 hours, embracing changing landscapes and whispers of ancient spirits. From 6 to 9 PM, experience private access to the Osirian and the temple of Seti, immersing yourself in divine energy.
Overnight: House of Life
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Day 4:
Dendera – Luxor 01/07/2024
Awaken your soul to the dawn of a new day as we visit Dendera, a sacred temple dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Unlock hidden symbolism and secrets, feeling divine energy guide you. Drive to Luxor for a 3-night stay.
Overnight: Pavilion winter palace
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Day 5:
Karnak and Luxor Temple 02/07/204
In Luxor, merge ancient wisdom with the modern world. Begin at Karnak Temple, an oasis of spiritual power. Immerse yourself in past energy, exploring sacred precincts and feeling vibrations of centuries-old rituals. As evening falls, embrace the spiritual atmosphere of Luxor Temple.
Overnight: Pavilion winter palace
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Day 6:
Valley of the Kings – Hatshepsut 03/07/2024
Venture to the mystical Valley of the Kings, a final resting place for pharaohs. Explore ancient tombs and feel the presence of illustrious souls. Pay homage to Queen Hatshepsut at her temple, a testament to her enduring legacy and spiritual journey.
Overnight: Pavilion winter palace
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Day 7:
Unforgettable Farewell to Luxor 04/07/2024
Fly back to Cairo and visit the enchanting land of Sakkara. Experience the ancient pyramid of Djoser and let the energy of this sacred site wash over you. Indulge in a farewell dinner, forging heartfelt connections and relishing the flavors of Egypt one last time.
Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids
Meal’s plan: Breakfast and Dinner
Day 8:
Homeward Bound 05/07/2024
With gratitude and cherished moments, bid farewell to the land of pharaohs. Fly back, carrying spiritual insights and transformative experiences gained in Egypt. Reflect on the immense blessings and newfound wisdom, knowing the journey continues within your soul, guiding you toward a greater connection with the Divine.
Overnight: Steigenberger Pyramids
Meal’s plan: Breakfast
Package including the following:

•   8 nights/9 days Accommodations:

     –   4 nights accommodation on on Bed and Breakfast basis at Steigenberger Pyramids

     –   3 nights accommodation on Bed and Breakfast basis at Pavilion winter place

     –   1 night accommodation on on Bed and Breakfast basis at House of life

•   Transfer

     –   Private individual transfers during the entire journey with Van 2022 starts with private transfer from Cairo Airport to Marriot Mena house hotel and it ends with the last transfer from Le Meridien airport to Cairo Airport

•   Meet & Greet at Cairo Airport

•   2 private access

•   Entry visa fee upon arrival to Egypt

•   Meals: 8 Breakfasts, 2 Dinners including

•   Single entrance tickets to all the sacred sites as per our itinerary

•   Unlimited bottled water during the entire Tour.

•   English speaking guide and his accommodation.

•   English speaking transfer man.

•   Tourism police permission.

•   Domestic flight ticket from Cairo to Luxor and from Aswan back to Cairo

Payment and Terms:

•   Trip Status: This trip is open for reservation, with a downpayment of 25% required to confirm your spot.

•   Group Size: Minimum 12, Maximum 32 guests


•   To confirm your spot, a downpayment of 25% is required. The balance is requested 60 days prior to departure.

•   The trip will be cancelled if the minimum group size is not reached 62 days prior to departure. All down payments will be returned.

•   The trip will be confirmed as soon as a minimum group size of 12 is reached.

•   All downpayments are refundable (minus 5% bank transfer fees) as long as the minimum group size has not been reached.

•   Cancellations after a group of 10 is formed and confirmed are subject to a 50% penalty until 60 days before the trip start date. Within 60 days, cancellations are only possible by vouchers for future safari trips, minus a $500 penalty.

Please note that every effort will be made to minimize penalties with all cancellations.

The above package excludes:

•   International flights to and from Egypt

•   Additional or optional tours or entrance fees not specifically mentioned above.

•   Meals and snacks outside of the mention meals.

•   Any additional beverages ordered during meals beyond the beverage buffet available at breakfast and the bottled water on the bus.

•   Personal expenses (i.e. room service, laundry, extra nights, spa treatments, etc.)

•   Trip cancellation and medical insurance.

•   Medical-related procedures and protocols needed to travel in or out of Egypt.

•   Any item not mentioned in the Custom Tour Package.

$ 3999