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When you hear the name “Unknown Egypt Travel”, it might sound odd at first, but there’s a story behind it.
After studying the ancient Egyptian civilization for so many years, I concluded that as much as we know, ancient Egyptian history is so vast and rich that we can never really know the whole truth about it.
Every minute of every day, we can find something previously unknown about the sacred land of Kemet (Egypt), so how can Kemet be truly known to us? Kemet is the ultimate mystery to all of us. This beautiful mystery is my inspiration when choosing the name for my travel agency.
Unknown Egypt Travel is not your standard travel agency. You won’t find typical tourist itineraries here. Instead, I have made it my goal to offer a series of profound experiences for the body, soul, and spirit. Egypt’s great and ancient land is worth exploring in this manner, as it slowly and carefully reveals its secrets to you.
The endless discoveries that take place in its vast land are only exceeded by the deep excavations in our DNA, the cell memories, and the morphogenetic fields in and around us.
Timeless Egypt offers us reconnection with our eternal and integrated selves. A journey through its vast landscapes and its many temple cities enables us to gather the parts of ourselves into a new whole.
This is the way of Osiris. A journey into a sacred place full of energy and mysticism, where the wall writings carry whispers of our ancestors telling us how we can reactivate our codes.
A Spiritual Experience in Egypt can expand your consciousness and give you a new lens through which to view and understand the ancient and the modern world.
– Rabie Khaled –

About The Founder

Rabie Khaled

Rabie doesn’t believe in coincidence. He believes that all of us have an important mission. His family has worked in tourism and Egyptology for generations.


His interest in the unique history of Egypt grew steadily from an early age; he describes being utterly mesmerized by it. He still remembers his first visit to the pyramids as a child. During the whole experience, one question dominated the field of his mind; how were they built? At the time, little did he know that this question would follow him his entire life.


Rabie graduated with excellence from the department of Egyptology within the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in 2006. He is a professional Egyptologist by career, licensed to guide tours in both English and German languages. He holds membership in the syndicate of the Egyptian tour guides (S.T.E.G) and for the last 16 years has been lecturing and guiding tours abroad including Germany, Sudan, Jordan, Tanzania and beyond. Rabie is the CEO of Unknown Egypt Travel.


Rabie considers himself a perpetual student. Some years ago, his sense of inner inquiry and curiosity has led him to question the conventional storyline of Ancient Egypt, which left more questions than answers.
He turned toward immersing himself in an emerging, interdisciplinary field called Khemetology, which is concerned with the study of the pre-Dynastic and anti-diluvian Egyptian civilizations.


He revisited the ancient Egyptian records with new eyes, delving into vast and varied disciplines such as quantum physics, Sufism, Cosmology, demonology, and more to help answer his questions. Ultimately, Rabie considers himself a researcher of truth.





“Be blessed and never give up looking for the truth about yourself first”

Our Egyptologist

Hassan Kamal Egyptologist

Born in Middle Egypt, in the land of Tel Amarna, the spiritual center of Pharaoh Akhenaton, Hassan’s mission is to develop intuition through a process of inner exploration, in which we may discover how to integrate heart consciousness in order to experience our natural state of being.
Hassan graduated from the faculty of archeology in 1999, received his Tourist Guidance Diploma from Helwan University (Faculty of Tourism and Hotels) in 2002, a Master of Museum studies ((Museology)) from Helwan University (Faculty of Tourism and Hotels) in 2017 and most recently is a candidate for the PHD program ((Heritage and Museum Management)) from Helwan University.
His professional background is as an archeologist in the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, Egyptologist and tour guide. He serves on the board of the documentation center for Egyptian heritage and holds membership in the syndicate of the Egyptian tour guides (S.T.E.G).
He has worked excavating on site for many years with international archeological teams in order to present other interpretation techniques for the ancient forgotten legacy, and uncover secrets of Ancient Egypt; as there are multi-layers of significance and interpretation of the ancient Egyptian symbols. His great interest is in trying to understand the hidden truths of the sacred places in Khemet, so that the significance of the tangible and intangible legacy of the ancestors may enrich all who seek to know human history and learn about themselves in the process.